Pinus Cembra Essential Oil 15 ml

Pinus Cembra Essential Oil 15 ml


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Content: 15 ml

100% pure essential Sarner stone pine oil.

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Stone Pine Essential Oil 

100% pure essential oil obtained from the stonepine of the Sarentino Valley. Has a relaxing action and effectively cleanses the air in the room.It is ideal for use in diffusers, sauna infusions and relaxing/aromatic baths. Use only diluted or in drops.

Original Sarntal Moon Wood/Stone Pine

From the power of the moon. Moon wood is widespread in the Sarntal Valley.

As is the knowledge of its effects. Moon wood, actually Pinus cembra or Sarner stone pine, flourishes in the airy, raw climate of the Sarntal forests and is, as tradition has it, strictly felled according to the lunar calendar. On cold December nights, by a waning moon. This is because it allows its precious ingredients to unfurl at this time. Effectively combined in the essential Trehs® “Original Sarntal Moon Wood” oil. A pure, natural South Tyrolean product, which, with its unmistakeable aroma, strengthens body and soul, is proven to slow the heart rate and promotes healthy sleep.


Pinus Cembra Leaf/Twig Oil

Sarner stone pine extract demonstrably promotes good sleep and helps to achieve relaxation.


* Raw materials from controlled organic cultivation