Pinus Sarentensis Essential Oil 15 ml BIO

Pinus Sarentensis Essential Oil 15 ml BIO


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Content: 15 ml


100% pure essential oil.

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Pinus Sarentensis Essential Oil 

100% pure essential oil obtained from the mountain pine of the Sarentino Valley. Naturally rich in valuable substances, it activates the body's self-regulating functions and has a stimulating, purifying and vitalizing effect. It is ideal for use in diffusers, sauna infusions and relaxing/aromatic baths. Use only diluted or in drops.

Original Sarntal Mountain Pine

Sarntal healing power, deeply rooted

Invigorating, stimulating and balm for joints and airways - the Sarntal mountain pine. Known by the locals as “Bergsegen” (mountain blessing), in the Sarntal valley people have known about the healing effect of this traditional natural product since ancient times. The Sarntal mountain pine cultivates its precious ingredients in the acidic volcanic soils of the valley and at the airy heights between 1,800 and 2,400 metres above sea level. Grown in sustainable forests and professionally felled, 250 kg of finely chopped mountain pine wood carefully distilled using steam produces 1 l of naturally pure oil. This forms the precious foundation of the wholesome Trehs® “Original Sarntal Mountain Pine” cosmetic range.


Pinus Mugo Leaf Oil

Analytics pinus mugo extract gently stimulates the blood supply to the skin and provides nutrients and the necessary exchange.

* Raw materials from controlled organic cultivation