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Nature and Magic
Ancient knowledge

The power of nature. Beauty. A spark of magic. The story of Trehs is closely entwined with the natural landscape, the traditions and legends of South Tyrol’s Sarntal valley. The ancient knowledge of the healing power of the local plant life, the potency of the moon and of water. Carefully packaged in tales and handed down from one generation to the next. The tales of the healer, Theresia, as beautiful as she was mysterious, and known in the Sarntal valley as “Trehs”, live on today in the high quality natural cosmetic products by Trehs®.

Trehs, die Story, Kraft der Natur

Trehs, die Story, Stoanernen Mandln

Stone on stone
Ancient place of power

The Sarntal Alps are our home, the home of Trehs. And there are places here that are at least as shrouded in secrets as Trehs herself. If you believe the old tales, then the Stoanerne Mandln (Stone Men) are also directly connected to the mystical activities of our Theresia. Whether she performed her curative rituals up here on the Hohe Reisch, between the stone towers, or whether they are actually lovers of this renowned beauty turned to stone, as other legends would have it, we will probably never know. Just one thing is certain: the stone figures cast a spell on everyone, just like the aroma of the Sarntal mountain pine.

In Harmony
Ancient tradition

In the Sarntal valley the pulse rate is more leisurely than elsewhere in South Tyrol. Beat by beat, in unison with nature and the Alps. Here, at 2000 metres above sea level, where the air and one’s thoughts are clearer, is where the Sarntal mountain pine grows. The traditional method of mountain pine oil extraction is as old as the knowledge of the amazing effects of the fragrant needles of this evergreen tree. Careful and gentle. This highly effective essential oil, which has long been used in the Sarntal valley as a household remedy against all kinds of complaints, is where Trehs has its origins. This is where it draws its strength and gives the legend a face.

Trehs, die Story, Traditionen