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Our roots, in the heart of the Alps

“Trehs” is an abbreviation of Theresia, a common name in the Alpine region. Legend tells that Trehs was a famed healer in the Sarntal Valley area who was skilled in harnessing the power of plants. The Sarntal Valley Alps is home to Trehs’ roots, and it is here, at an altitude of 2,000 metres, that the Sarntal Valley mountain pine thrives. The local people have always used it as a home remedy for all imaginable ailments, and in the Sarntal Valley the traditional methods of extracting mountain pine oil is as old as the knowledge of its powers. Our origins, and our impetus to create natural Alpine cosmetics, are rooted in this natural landscape and this knowledge, passed down through generations.

The primal energy of the Alps meets with modern sciencer

The unique nature of our landscape inspires us anew every day. We are a bridge between age-old traditions and the future. We trust in nature and believe in science. Our highly effective Alpine body care products and active cosmetics bring you natural beauty and vitality with deep roots. Our body care products are based on our own formulae and are recommended by dermatologists. Our seals of quality guarantee the authenticity and quality of our essences and their geographical origin.

Sustainably good

The natural treasures and ancient knowledge of their healing powers, passed down through generations, are the essential ingredients of our products. And that is why we work with the utmost of respect and responsibility towards both people and the environment. We use sustainable forestry management practices (documented by the local Forestry Commission) to ensure that the Sarntal Valley mountain pine continues to grow spontaneously. We use short transport routes and environmentally friendly packaging. Transparency is also of the essence to us: The origins and manufacturing processes of our raw materials are 100% traceable.

Our partners in the region

Local cycles, guaranteed regionality and ties with the local community are important to us. That is why we work in close cooperation with partners, suppliers and small manufacturers in the local area, including the biodynamically-managed Manincor vineyard estate in Kaltern.