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The proven potency of the Sarntal Valley mountain pine

The mountains of the Sarntal Valley in the heart of South Tyrol are wild, mystical and pure. Beyond the treeline, wild mountain pines dot the slopes. Up here, the hardy Sarntal Valley mountain pine is impervious to the changing climate of the Alps. The extreme temperature fluctuations and the special location infuse the essential oil of the Sarntal Valley mountain pine needles with over one hundred natural ingredients. After it has been gently extracted on-site using a specially developed process, we transform it into a highly effective body care product.

Natural mountain hay from the Seiser Alm

Arnica, lady’s mantle, gentian, yarrow, rue, rapunzel: Up to 80 species of plant can be found in one single handful of Seiser Alm mountain hay. Thriving as they do at 1,800 to 2,300 metres up on high in the pure, fresh mountain air, their special powers unfurl to the fullest. The natural mountain hay is cut and condensed into a precious essence once every two years, and its healing properties have been scientifically proven and put to the test by our forebears. For centuries untold, farmers have lain in the sun-warmed hay bath to banish fatigue and relieve pain.

Precious grape water from Lake Kaltern

The Manincor Estate’s biodynamically cultivated vineyards extend over the sunny slopes of Lake Kaltern. The vines are pruned in the spring months. The precious vine water strives upwards from the depths of the soil with an incredible power, nourishing the vine and infusing it with vitality, and runs out from the plant at the cut spur points as “grape tears.” Winemakers carefully collect this sap, the “Acqua Vinea Nobilis” in bottles. Its unique ingredients are concentrated in our outstandingly effective facial care product.

The stone pine holds the power of the moon

In winter, nature takes a rest. When the December moon is waning and only a small crescent can be seen in the sky, the Sarntal Valley farmers chop the wood of the stone pine. This is the time when the biological processes within the pine are at their very lowest point, and all of its special ingredients are stored in its wood. And it is from this wood that we gently extract the Sarntal Valley moon wood essential oil. With its resinous, warm perfume, it promotes relaxation, improves the heart rate and boosts the immune system.