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Sarntal Mountain Pine
Concentrated natural power from the Sarntal’s forests

Medicine of the Celts, household remedy of the South Tyroleans: the mountain pine is one of the oldest healing plants in the world and has been at home in the pristine woodland of the Sarntal Valley since time immemorial. The perfect interplay of climate, soil and the centuries-old knowledge of wise women, is what gives the original Sarntal mountain pine its unique power and compatibility with the skin. As a healthy natural product created in harmony with tradition, the mountain pine stimulates the circulation, cares for the skin, helps with common colds and is, with its resinous, forest-fresh aroma, a source of wellness for body, mind and soul.

Trehs, 100% Natur, Sarner Latsche

Trehs, 100% Natur, Rebwasser

South Tyrolean Grape Water
The wondrous tears of South Tyrol’s grape vines

Pliny once researched its effects against skin disorders. Hildegard of Bingen called it “the most valuable water in the world” and recommended it for eye complaints. The grape water that flows through South Tyrol’s grape vines in the spring, an elixir rich in vital substances, is a precious gift from nature. Like tears, the grape water collects on the freshly cut branches and protects the vine from pathogens. 90 litres of this wondrous liquid are harvested every year on the sunny slopes of South Tyrol’s Manincor estate and transformed into a highly effective natural skincare product.

South Tyrolean Mountain Hay
In hay lies salvation

The hay bath has a long tradition in South Tyrol. On an evening, once the work was done, the farmers laid down in the warm hay in order to recover from their strength-sapping day. The mountain hay from South Tyrol’s high alpine pastures is rich in herbs, flowers, minerals and essential oils. It stimulates the circulation, alleviates pain and fortifies the body. A boon for the skin, and a natural booster for the immune system. The positive characteristics of South Tyrolean hay have been proven by science and tried and tested by our forefathers for centuries. Its valuable ingredients make it a gift from nature for body and soul.

Trehs, 100% Natur, Bergheu

Trehs, 100% Natur, Sarner Mondholz

Sarntal Moon Wood
Life in harmony with the moon

Our forefathers knew about the influence of the moon on man and the natural world. In the Sarntal valley the wood of the Swiss stone pine - or Pinus Cembra - has long been strictly harvested according to the lunar calendar. In winter, by a waning moon, when nature is calm, and the wood of the stone pine contains all of its best qualities. The Sarntal moon wood, which in South Tyrol graces the walls of many old farmhouse parlours, appeals like no other wood to our sense of smell, promotes relaxation and sleep, has a positive effect on our heart rate and strengthens our immune system.